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APREP - Appraisal Real Estate Professional

The purpose of this course is to teach real estate agents the basic principles and practices of appraisal. Students will learn about aspects such as value, types of value, the valuation process, general and specific data analysis, residential real estate markets, neighborhood analysis, site and improvement description and the concept of highest and best use. Some of the courses may even deal with Subject Section, Neighborhood Section, PUD Section, Site Section, Description and Improvement Section, Comment Section, Cost Approach Section, Sales Comparison Analysis Section, Indicated Value by Income Approach Section, Reconciliation and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP).

To become a licensed Appraiser requires very extensive study and practical experience and the minimum of 15 hours of course credits required for this designation does not in anyway qualify students as an Appraiser. It merely provides real estate agents that are interested to learn more about this profession broad overview.

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