Benefits of Membership
Are you Real Estate Professional?

You're an agent.and yes, you're also a REALTOR®. but are you a real estate professional.

Not an old school agent that still thinks it's all about selling.but a progressive thinker that understands that home buying has changed. One that realizes that today's consumers know more.want more.demand more.

The same way they are demanding a one-stop-shopping experience, they are demanding that the real estate professionals serving them are also a one-stop-knowledge source.

That doesn't mean you need to necessarily become a qualified Loan Officer, a Certified Appraiser or a Licensed Home Inspector.what it does mean is that you need to have an executive understanding and overview of "what is what" in each of those disciplines .enough to provide your customers of tomorrow a professional service that matches their changing needs.

If you agree.

...and if you don't want to belong to 10 different Societies, Institutes, Associations and Councils.

.and I you don't want to pay 10 different dues.

then The Real Estate Professionals Society is for you.

Benefits of being a Real Estate Professional
  • Member of a cadre of real estate professionals dedicated to providing quality professional service to their customers.

  • Belonging to a progressive Society that focuses on the emerging trend of one stop-shopping and bringing all real estate professionals together under one single Society.

  • Able to display the Real Estate Professional designations portraying your specific fields of expertise such as AREP - Accredited Real Estate Professional; CREP - Commercial Real Estate Professional; MREP - Mortgage Real Estate Professional; APREP - Appraisal Real Estate Professional; HIREP - Home Inspection Real Estate Professional; etc.

  • Earning and owning multiple designations while still belonging to only one Society and paying only one annual membership fee.

  • Receiving a monthly newsletter with information containing overview information from all the different disciplines of the real estate industry.

  • Gaining access to special reports about the different sectors of the real estate industry.

  • Special discounts to various professional offering such as a free three month usage of the nation's leading online mentoring and coaching service.

  • Listing on the national Real Estate Professionals Directory for promotion to prospective home buyers and sellers.

  • Receive a separate certificate recognizing your knowledge and a separate pin identifying your expertise.
How to Become a Member
  • Becoming a Member is simple. Complete one or more of the tens of real estate courses that qualify for one of the Real Estate Professionals designations such as: AREP, CREP, CMREP, EREP, MREP, APREP, HIPREP, RREP, etc. These courses can be taken at most of the 200 RealtyU® school locations across the country. Click here to search for the real estate school nearest you.

  • Most agents complete their REPS application during the course they take with a RealtyU® school. Certificates and Pins are usually also awarded upon successful completion of each respective class.

  • If you would like to apply online you can do so by completing the online form.

  • Membership is annual effective form the month you join and is only $99 irrespective of how many designations you have earned. (A S&H fee of $10 is due for lost, additional and/or second pins).

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