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Housing Affordability Rises in First Quarter

Housing affordability conditions have improved for two consecutive quarters, keeping housing within reach for people in most of the country, according to the National Association of Realtors®. NAR's composite Housing Affordability Index was 132.9 during the first quarter, up 1.1 percentage points from 131.8 in the fourth quarter of 2004; the index was 8.3 points below the first quarter of last year. More...

GMAC Mortgage Survey Reveals Consumers Want More Information on Home Financing

GMAC Mortgage today announced the results of its first quarterly customer survey, which polled 1,000 consumers nationwide to assess their barriers to homeownership and homeownership education needs. The survey found that 24 percent of consumers cite a lack of financial security as a primary obstacle to homeownership, while 23 percent .More.

Mortgage Issues Affect 16% of All Purchases, New Survey of Real Estate Agents Shows.

Mortgage-related issues negatively affect a sizable percentage of all home purchase closings, according to a new nationwide survey of real estate agents conducted by Campbell Communications. The survey indicated 12% home purchase transactions must be rescheduled due to mortgage issues, although they ultimately close, and a further 4% never make it to closing. More...

Avoid Delays: The Sometimes-Neglected Art of Uneventful Mortgage Payoffs. by Joshua Stein

When any borrower closes a new mortgage loan, many small problems can arise. Sometimes one of those problems will delay or even derail the transaction. Of all the possible small problems, perhaps one of the most common, yet the most surprising, is the process of paying off the borrower's existing mortgage loan. Time and again, a major closing will be delayed a day or two at the last minute because of unexpected problems dealing with the existing lender, who isn't ready to close. More...

The Art of Real Estate Negotiations.

Practical psychology at the table by Joshua Stein. In every real estate negotiation, a "Negotiator" needs to figure out how to sell, persuade, neutralize, or in some other way satisfy someone else - "The Other Side." Often the Negotiator must satisfy a whole roomful of Other Sides, each with its own agenda: a lender, a tenant, an equity investor, another equity investor, other participants. Sometimes one party needs the deal as much as the other. Other times one party holds all the cards, or thinks it does. More...

Best Practices in Commercial Real Estate Financing: A Guide to Commercial Mortgage Transactions in the Joshua Stein.

For any commercial real estate loan in the USA, the closing and documentation process combines traditional principles and practices of American real estate law - some dating back centuries to English common law - with the global capital markets, a fast-moving market place, and painful lessons learned in America's real estate depression of the early 1990s. Against that backdrop, lenders and borrowers must bring together dozens of processes, participants, and other pieces to document and close any commercial mortgage loan. This paper focuses on all those elements, for comparison against commercial mortgage lending procedures in other countries and as a reminder of basic principles for commercial mortgage lenders and their advisors in the USA. More...

The following articles all have a more business general type focus and may be suitable for all types of real estate professionals

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