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The following articles pertain to commercial real estate professionals

Commercial Real Estate Fundamentals to Improve

The growing U.S. economy will eventually need to add workers, fostering positive fundamentals for commercial real estate, according to the National Association of Realtors® More...

Demystifying the Difference between Net and Gross Leases

We use language in our everyday speech that we often take for granted. In real estate, some of the most commonly used terms are "Net Lease" and "Gross Lease." What exactly are these, and how should .More...

Location! Location! Location! How to Find the Perfect One for Your Business

The best location for any business is one where customers will want to shop. But how do you find that goldmine location that's both convenient for customers and ideal for you? The answer lies in the amount of homework you do. Since customers determine the locations ultimate value to the business owner, it is up to you to More...

Measurements of Square Footage

When a tenant leases commercial space, one of the most basic issues is how much rent will it will be paying each month. And the single-most important rent factor is the... More...

Economic Backdrop - Green Lights ahead

Economic expansion remains strong. Following a 4.4% GDP growth rate in 2004, this rate is expected to reach4.6% in the first quarter of 2005. Business spending and export growth will lead the way. Consumer spending will moderate slightly while government spending is expected to be for more restrained in light of record budget deficits. More...

Industrial Fundamentals Improve

Demand for warehouse and distribution space has been fueling the rebound in key industrial real estate markets nationwide. More.

Multi-Family availability will dip below 6% in 2006

Absorption is keeping pace with new supply. There is, however a disconnect between markets with significant demand and markets where new units are being constructed. More...

Commercial Real Estate Improving, Vacancy Rates To Decline

The commercial real estate market is improving and vacancy rates are expected to decline in all four commercial market sectors this year, according to the National Association of Realtors® More...

Borrower's Top 10 points In Negotiating A Commitment Letter by Joshua Stein

Before you sign a commitment letter or loan application, you should think about negotiating at least 10 important points, even at this early stage of the transaction. This assumes, of course, that you've already confirmed all the basic "deal terms" are right. More...

Retail Redevelopment Projects: The lender's special risks concerns By Joshua Stein

Instead of developing new projects from the ground up, some investors look for existing properties and try to turn them around. To do this, they may replace lessees (major, minor, or both); reconfigure the physical layout; enlarge or shrink the building; turn a strip center into a mini-mall or turn a mini-mall into a strip center; reposition the property in the marketplace; add or subtract parking or move parking around; upgrade the exterior; and do whatever else they think will cost effectively increase cash flow and turn a tired old property into an exciting and well-positioned new property in the current market More.

The Art of Real Estate Negotiations By Joshua Stein

In every real estate negotiation, a "Negotiator" needs to figure out how to sell, persuade, neutralize, or in some other way satisfy someone else - "The Other Side." Often the Negotiator must satisfy a whole roomful of Other Sides, each with its own agenda: a lender, a tenant, an equity investor, another equity investor, other participants. Sometimes one party needs.More...

The following articles all have a more business general type focus and may be suitable for all types of real estate professionals

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The Success Series by Stefan Swanepoel is a collection of short simple exposes rendering guidance about essential and topical aptitudes and traits everyone should seek to possess.

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Bridge Over Troubled Water - Cross-Cultural Communications

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